School Rules

  1. Students who come to school on their own are not allowed to arrive very early but they must reach five minutes before the first bell.
  2. It is mandatory to attend the Morning Assembly whenever it is.
  3. Maintain silence during any kind of movements/change of periods.
  4. Shouting, whistling, playing with crackers or any other undignified behaviour is strictly prohibited.
  5. The school furniture/property must be handled with great care. Further, ensure no sticking/marking on the furniture/walls etc.
  6. The students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, bikes, cars, smartwatches/smartpens or any other expensive articles to school.
  7. Using abusive language/bullying/physical assault/verbal fights shall be taken as a serious breach of discipline.
  8. The girl students must not apply nail polish, eyeliner, hair colour, cosmetics etc
  9. Tearing off pages is strictly prohibited.
  10. While moving along the corridors, the students must maintain silence and walk in a single or double line only. They must not make hissing sound with their shoes while walking.
  11. Borrowing or lending of money/any article is strictly prohibited.
  12. No student is allowed to enter the staff rooms.
  13. No students can afford to remain in the classroom during games/computer/multimedia/music periods.
  14. Students, who go home on foot /by cycle, must not loiter on the way. They should be prompt in returning home.
  15. The students who bunk school/any class are liable for suspension/expulsion from the school.
  16. Students are advised to bring healthy Tiffin to eat during recess


Discipline is the key word for the success of our Institution .The Students must:

  1. Come to school clean, well-groomed and in proper uniform with well-polished shoes.
  2. Be regular in attendance.
  3. Be a good sportsperson at all times, fair and honest at work and play.
  4. Be courteous, respectful and considerate to parents, teachers and elders.
  5. Be decent to the schoolmates and very helpful and caring to the juniors.
  6. Look after the school property, help to keep it clean, avoid marking on the wall and furniture.
  7. Keep the classrooms clean and tidy.
  8. Communicate with teachers, friends, classmates etc. in the school in English only.
  9. Cover all the books notebooks neatly with the name, standard and section clearly mentioned on them.
  10. Take pride in doing personal jobs-like setting of bag, bed etc, polishing shoes, maintenance of books, washing and ironing uniform, handkerchief etc. on his/her own.
  11. Have a sense of belongingness with the school, the house he/she attached with and with and with the various activities held in the school
  12. Do the H.W on his/her own without any help from parents/tutors.
  13. Be the first to come ahead for the desired help wherever required .e.g. setting of furniture, maintenance of school lawn etc.
  14. Feel free to share with teachers about any grievances regarding school life