Here, library provides the students with access to the latest novels, newspapers, magazines, books, journals and encyclopedias. According to the requirements of the students; books are available here. Here, students get opportunities to discover new and authentic sense of world and education. No queries remain untold and unexplained here.

The Library is available to the students for research and study

The following facilities are provided in the Library :


Computer Lab.

In the computer lab of GNMPS, children are able to explore, solve problems, develop concepts on various topics, improve language, interact socially and develop sensory skills. We have a well set of Computer Lab. where one computer for each student is accessible in practical class. Students are encouraged to browse the Net for preparing the projects.
Technological skills are provided to students within the context of the curriculum.

Science Lab.

Our Science lab are the true learning source where we keep fairly enough stock of the apparatuses and tools required to perform the experiments under the supervision of intellectual teachers.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is well equipped and designed. To enhance its utility, labs are provided with the state- of- art devices like Fire fighting equipment’s, First- Aid Kit etc.

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab is well lit & ventilated equipped with all the latest equipments/ apparatus to enable the students to perform the practicals of Light, Heat, Sound, Electricity & Magnetism.

Smart Class

Huge emphasis is laid on technology intensive teaching. Audio visual aids like charts, models, video films, cassettes, filmstrips, overhead projector are used regularly. The child’s understanding is at a sensory perceptual level, thus the child best understands things which he/she can hear, see and feel. GNMPS has tie arrangement with Ebix Smart class Solutions Ltd.

Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Digiboard System with a PC connected to a dedicated Smart Class Knowledge Centre inside the School Campus. A trained Programme Administrator is deployed by Ebix Smart class to ensure real time technical and technical training support for teachers. The teachers’ computers in all smart class rooms are connected to a dedicated server installed in the Knowledge Centre through a campus-wide network. A powerful smart class application engine allows teachers to view and map relevant digital content for their classroom sessions as per their time tables and syllabus. Teachers use the digital resources such as animations, video clips and simulated models as part of their 35-40 minute class room period to teach the specific topics in smart class rooms, enabling a multi-sensory learning experience for students.

The learning becomes easier and permanent because of audio visual media. Practical demonstration of all the chapters through animation becomes effective to the student. Clarity & grasping of concept becomes easier. Scope for interactive method of teaching is more. Student’s psychological fear towards monotonous subjects like Maths & Science can be eliminated. Students are exposed to world class teaching method.