The best way to predict the future is to create it’

These words of Abraham Lincoln rightly describe the responsibility of all educationists shoulder to shape the future of their students. In an era of increasing benchmarks of curricular and co-curricular excellence we at Guru Nanak Mission Public School, motivate students to supersede themselves It is our duty to groom young minds to accept challenges, deal with disappointments and aim higher with each achievement. Our school-level programmes on the development of basic life skills in students in challenging times such as problem-solving, decision making, time management, and empower the students to seize the day by making the best use of the opportunities that come their way. We successfully light the flame of motivation in students so that we see a never-ending internal desire for excellence and innovation in the younger generation bloom. The key to all motivation lies in our ability to reach out to a child’s heart.Hence we need parental support in their child’s interest area, so as to provide a strong ladder for a child’s motivation to climb

Let’s make efforts and create a better future